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More detailed than an academic transcript, Passport allows users to visually display their work as concrete evidence of their knowledge.

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What is Passport?

Designed by Purdue University, a leader in designing teaching and learning technologies, Passport is a learning and e-portfolio system that uses digital badges to demonstrate user's competencies and achievements.

Single platform for learning and digital badging

Create digital badges to meet course needs and deliver competency-based learning.

Deliver quizzes, video assignments, and file upload assignments using Passport's feature-rich authoring tools.

Award users a badge for successful completion of learning activities and assignments.


Create interactive content and assignments

Tie learning outcomes and assessments together in one flexible platform that empowers users to collect evidence of their learning.

Follow each user's progress and award badges or reset challenge submissions if the first attempt does not meet the objectives.

Guide users through learning activities

Users are able to review supplemental material, submit content, complete quizzes or surveys, and gather instructor approvals.

Scorecard allows you to translate achievements - such as essays, online discussions, blog posts and video demonstrations - into a numeric-based evaluation system for grading purposes.


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